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Category: Fabric Focus

  1. Terra Tunic - Minerva Exclusive Herbal Halo Sweater Knit Fabric

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    I have had the pleasure of sewing with some gorgeous Minerva Exclusive Herbal Halo Sweater Knit Fabric.  The fabric is deceiving as it appears thicker to look at but it is lovely and soft with a smooth inside making it ideal for layering.  It has just enough stetch & drape & holds it’s shape without being too stiff.  There is a natural background with a deep orange and denim blue pattern which is perfect to coordinate with my denim jeans.

    A lady standing in a garden in front of a fence wearing a patterned tunic top & jeans

  2. The Terra Tunic - Love Notions Patterns

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    Just as I’ve finished a long sleeved, tee shirt weight, hoodie the sun comes out!  The lovely light blue melange cotton jersey stretch fabric from the Minerva Core Range is great for that in-between weather when it’s too warm for a coat/sweatshirt but you still need a bit of coverage on your arms.  The Terra Tunic from Love Notions Sewing Patterns is the perfect pairing for the fabric.

    A lady standing in a garden in front of a fence wearing a light blue tunic top