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Memorial Fabric Wreath

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For my first post of 2020 for the Minerva Blogger Network I chose to do a 'no-sew" project and I love how it has turned out.  I can't believe this is my 26th post on their blog, including product reviews and monthly projects as a member of the Blogger Network.

Fabric Door wreath

I made this fabric wreath using fabric strips (lots & lots) from Minerva and I ordered 3 bundles of 'lucky dip' fabrics.  This is a great way to order fabric in a certain colour scheme although you need to be aware that you will receive any type or size of fabric (over 0.5m) to make up your order.⁠

The full details of using the fabrics for this project can be found on my Just Sew Helen profile on the Minerva website

These wreaths are available from the Just Sew Helen Collection as a special keepsake, a Memorial Fabric Wreath, made using fabric from loved ones clothing.

⁠Alternatively, they can be made to order in a colour of your choice - Fabric Wreath.

Wreath texture

Although a different type of project to my previous makes, involving no sewing at all, I enjoyed using different types of fabric and would definitely recommend the 'lucky dip' fabric bundles from Minerva, suitable for many different projects.

Wreath back

White silver wreath

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