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Simplicity Turns 90 Sewing Challenge - Deciding to Enter

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Entering the challenge #SimplicityTurns90 JustSewHelen.com

Before we went on our summer family holiday I came across the Summer Challenge that SimplicityNewlook is hosting to mark 90 years of Simplicity Sewing Patterns. I briefly read the details and decided that I wouldn't have enough time to make something due to being away for a couple of weeks.

The prize, however, really interested me & kept popping into my thoughts. It would be nice to win sewing patterns and other bits & bobs but the part that grabbed my attention the most was the winner being invited to become a VIP Simplicity Blogger - I could really see myself fulfilling this role given the opportunity.  I have done dressmaking since a young girl and although my niche is now bereavement gifts incorporating embroidery & applique, I do still make clothes for myself.  This website in its current format will also enable me to pursue the role. 

I love my job as a midwife and thrive on the contact with families. However, it can be physically and emotionally draining caring for couples experiencing difficult news regarding their baby's condition/health.  I also perform detailed fetal cardiac ultrasound scans which require in depth concentration for long periods of time.  I have been a midwife for nearly 24 years and do find myself thinking about other opportunities, especially sewing.

I read the details of the challenge again whilst we were away and started thinking that I may well have time to make something. If I can choose the pattern and fabric and get them ordered so that they are delivered by the time we get home from our break I could use my days off to start sewing, giving me just 4 days to complete the items.  If they can do a dress in a few hours on GBSB I'm sure I can do one in a few days :-)

I spent the next couple of hours searching ebay for fabric and then got side tracked by Pinterest whilst looking for current trends. I can get lost in Pinterest!

I chose Newlook pattern 6390 in the Best Dressmaker category and then considered many different styles & fabric choices. I was keen on using vintage fabric to make the dress and it is likely that there is some in my mom's stash but as my first day off is Monday, I really needed a definite piece of fabric to be able to start straight away. Therefore, I have chosen a vintage style but with modern fabrics & I finally hit 'Buy Now' and ordered the fabrics & notions that I needed.

Fingers crossed the pattern, fabrics and notions all arrive on time. I should have gone with my gut feeling when I first read about the challenge - but then I probably wouldn't have come up with the design that I'm happy I've settled on.

The challenge can be followed on social media using the tags #SimplicityTurns90 & #SummerSewingChallenge

Next up - the fabrics and style chosen.

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