HOW TO send your photos TO JUST SEW HELEN

The quickest & easiest way to send your photos or pictures is via email and this route can also be used for children's drawings or hand writing.

An alernative way to send them is by post, at the customers expense - please get in touch if you select this method.

To send via email -

  1. Select your chosen photos.
  2. Create a digital copy of your photo by taking a photograph on your smartphone or using a scanner/copier if you have access to one.
  3. Go to the 'Contact' page on the Just Sew Helen website .
  4. Select 'Email' from the right hand list of contact methods.
  5. A new email window will open addressed to Just Sew Helen.
  6. Alternatively, click on [email protected] or type the details into a new email address bar in your usual email provider.
  7. You will have received a reference number with your order confirmation - please put this order number, plus your name and address, in the email.
  8. Upload your chosen photos.
  9. Press 'Send' to email your photos.
  10. I will confirm receipt of the photos once they have been received.
  11. If you wish to send a test email prior to uploading your photo(s) please contact me.